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American Heart 2

Based in the USA


Owns a Shockwafe 9.2 at home


Certified with 500+ Hrs of specialized training

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TV  Tribe

A fun, witty bunch of home theater experts who are equally experienced with ninja stars and the latest display technologies. With a passion about TVs as intense as the colors of the latest OLED and micro-LED panels, we are here to make sure you get the best out of the audio, video and Quantum Realm!

Notable Ninjas from this Tribe

Sony TV: Ninja Bravio

LG TV: Ninja Lucky G

Vizio: Ninja Viz

Hisense: Ninja Sense

Samsung TV: Ninja Sam

Google OS TV and Devices: Ninja Chrome

TCL: Ninja T


Streaming Tribe

These ninjas were born with the purpose of binge-watching the latest shows and movies. Does it make them Binge-jas instead? Lol. Having logged thousands of hours on all streaming services, they have mastered the art of unearthing Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision from any device, and have many other streaming secrets up their sleeves.

Notable Ninjas from this Tribe

Nvidia Shield TV: Ninja Shield

Apple: Ninja ATV

Amazon TV and Devices: Ninja Prime

Roku TV and Devices: Ninja 6


Blu-ray Tribe

Hearing is one of the ninja’s sharpest senses. It takes our brain at least one quarter of a second to process visual recognition. These two senses will give us a tremendous advantage during combat.  To perfect our sight and auditory responses, we only watch BluRay disc’s that are encoded in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision to make sure that our ninjas can better understand and solve VIP queries.

Notable Ninja from this Tribe

Ninja Disc


Gaming Tribe

“The meaning of life for our tribe is to continuously learn new skills and obtain valuable in-game items for self-improvement. We have experience in all gaming consoles. Gaming Ninjas are agile and natural problem solvers that go above and beyond to ensure a seamless and immersive gaming experience, and who knows, you may learn a hack or two that may immensely improve your gaming skills!”

Notable Ninjas from this Tribe

XBOX: Ninja X

PS: Ninja Play

Nintendo: Ninja Tendo


The Box Tribe

To satisfy our Nakamichi VIPs, us ninjas must have a wide range of athletic and impersonation skills. As part of training, we utilize our cable box, satellite and Shockwafe system to consume hundreds of hours of TV, sports and movie content.

Content that will help us utilize our expertise on demand, whether taking the role of an installer, acoustic consultant, or home theater genius.

Notable Ninja from this Tribe

Ninja DTV

Set-Top Boxes
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